Chlorine Resistant Plus Size Swimwear to Complement That Full Figure

Chlorine-resistant Plus Size Swimwear to Complement That Full Figure

Having a full-figured body is no reason to not get into a swimsuit. You can shun all your worries now because the right plus size swimwear can not only mask those ‘trouble spots’ that you don’t want visible but also complement your curvaceous body in unbelievable ways.

At Sea Jewels Swimwear, we believe in providing women of all body types the confidence and security they need to have their daily dose of fun in the sun, with no worries whatsoever. We make swimwear that is not only comfortable and durable but supportive of all plus size body types.

If you have ever worn a swimsuit that shows signs of wear and tear only a few weeks or months after you purchased it, your swimsuit may not have adequate chlorine protection. But is this something that you should be concerned with? The answer is a resounding yes and here’s why:

Why You Should Only Get Chlorine-resistant Swimwear

Bathing out in the beach is not the only way you will be enjoying your brand new plus size swimsuit. From time to time, you may want to round up the family or go with a bunch of friends to your local public swimming pool. Most conventional swimsuits have a tendency to wear out quickly when their fibres are exposed to the sun and chlorine.

Chlorine’s purpose is to kill warm water-borne bacteria such as e-coli and other diseases, which can wreak havoc on our immune systems. It is absolutely necessary for a swimming pool to have adequate levels of chlorine; however, this chemical compound can also destroy the finish of your plus size swimwear fabric.

Traditional swimsuits are made from a combination of nylon and elastane or nylon and lycra. Unfortunately, due to repeated exposure to chlorine and sun rays, this material starts to lose its shape and becomes stretched out. You really don’t want to deal with this, since you have a full-bodied figure which requires proper support in key areas.

Our Viva plus size swimwear line-up is 100% polyester and chlorine-resistant, a near 50/50 blend of PBT and polyester, which gives it 15-20 times more reliability than lycra and even outlasts spandex and nylon swimsuit materials.

Sea Jewels’ chlorine-resistant plus size swimwear does not lose elasticity even after prolonged sun and chlorine exposure. Here are additional benefits of wearing a chlorine-resistant swimsuit:

-          Quick drying time

-          Sun protection of UPF 50+

-          Comfortable fitting, complete freedom of movement

-          Unparalleled durability and life in chlorinated water

-          Great breathability

-          Soft fabric and pleasant to wear

-          Quick drying and water repellent

-          Highly stretchable and retains shape

-          4-way stretch durability and high colour fastness

No need to go for plus size swimwear that doesn’t fit properly. Check out our chlorine resistant swimwear and enjoy complete freedom and confidence as you enjoy your time under the sun. We have swimsuits for all plus size body types. Click here to view our gorgeous plus size swimwear collection.


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The right chlorine-resistant plus size swimwear can complement your curvaceous body in unbelievable ways.



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