Chlorine Resistant Swimwear Trending Now and into 2020

The swimsuit hasn’t been reinvented very much since its inception. While the styles have varied here and there, you usually had a one-size-fits-all one-piece bathing suit and an ill-fitting bikini to choose from. All of them were the same type of fabric and fit the same way. If you needed plus size swimwear in the not so distant past, forget it. You had to hope to find a specialty store that carried your size. Even then, swimsuits never lasted long because the chemicals in pools, where most of us do our swimming, just ate away at the material over time. Thankfully, times have changed! Chlorine-resistant swimwear and plus size swimwear are both trending now and into 2020! Keeping reading on to learn more about these exciting updates.


What is Chlorine-Resistant Swimwear?One_Piece_Adjustable_Palm_Beach.jpg


While some of us are lucky enough to take a dip in the ocean from time to time, the majority of us do any regular swimming in a pool. Chlorine is a chemical that is used in pools and hot tubs to kill off bacteria and prevent the forming of any algae. While it is essential to maintaining the health of a pool or hot tub, it can wreak havoc on your swimsuit.

Chlorine-resistant swimwear solves this problem by using a material that is naturally impervious to chlorine. There are many benefits to using chlorine-resistant swimwear but we’ll cover just a few below:

  • No More Fading
    Chlorine can continually fade the color and designs on your swimsuits until you’re forced to replace them. In fact, many regular swimmers started wearing solid black swimsuits for this reason alone. However, chlorine-resistant swimwear will help protect against fading color and designs.
  • Longer Lasting
    Chlorine breaks down swimsuits over time. This can be why they lose their shape and don’t seem to fit as well. Even worse, it can start to tear or form holes. Chlorine-resistant swimwear has been shown to last up to 6 times longer than normal swimwear!
  • Say Goodbye to Sagging
    Something everybody hates about regular swimsuits in the sagging! Once the lycra in the swimsuit has perished the swimsuit will start to sag and bag and won’t hold you in place anymore. Avoid all of this by using chlorine-resistant swimwear! These swimsuits are made from tougher material and are sag resistant!


Finally Feel Comfortable, Confident, and Covered with Plus Size SwimwearOne_Piece_Ubud.jpg


While we love the advancement in technology that brought us chlorine-resistant swimwear, we’d be amiss if we didn’t praise the designers for plus size swimwear! Gone are the days of trying to find a swimsuit and none of them “fit right”. Whether your hips are a little wider or your chest is a little bigger, you’re now covered! You can feel confident and comfortable strolling down the beach or dipping your toes into any pool. Plus size swimwear is being stocked in more stores online and retailers. 

There are many styles and colours to choose from in plus size swimwear so make sure that you choose a style and colour that complements your curves and your skin tone.

At SeaJewels Swimwear Australia, we offer you the best of both worlds! We have plus size swimwear to fit every shape and body type. Plus, many of our swimsuits are also chlorine-resistant! Shop online now at or Freecall us at 1800 008 482 for advice expert swimwear advice over the phone.



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