Chlorine Resistant Swimwear for the Whole Family

Kids grow so quickly sometimes it feels as though you are constantly buying clothing in larger sizes.  With clothing becoming less expensive it is often tempting to buy off the shelf swimwear and sun protection for kids at rock bottom prices.  This is a false economy for many reasons.  Firstly, ethically, cheap clothing is made off shore in large factories with poor working conditions.  By purchasing cheap clothing, this will keep these factories in business.  Secondly, the quality of the fabric used is often poor.  A few washes and the garments often start to stretch and no longer fit.  This creates a problem with waste as we are quick to discard ill fitting clothing. 

Buy Australian Made

Support local businesses by trying to buy Australian made when possible.  With manufacturing industries in decline sometimes it is difficult to find clothing that is made in Australia.  Always check the garment label inside the clothing to see where it is made.

Always choose Chlorine Resistant Swimwear for Sun Protection

Lycra swimwear available from large department stores is often not expensive but made off shore using poor quality fabrics.  These swimsuits cannot withstand the harsh effects of chlorine and start to lose their shape after a few weeks.  When this starts to happen the swimsuit is not longer sun protective.  Don't take any chances and always choose chlorine resistant garments.  They will not lose their shape and will stay sun protective for much longer than lycra products.

Pass on Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Swimwear made from chlorine resistant fabric will last much longer than a child needs it and can be passed down to siblings or relatives.  Rash shirts often last for year and years if treated correctly.

Don't waste money on poor quality swimwear that will compromise the sun protection for your children and always buy Australian made chlorine resistant swimsuits and rash shirts.

SeaJewels Swimwear uses the best quality chlorine resistant fabrics available.  Shop online at

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