Choose a Swimsuit That Would Make You Love Your Curvaceous Figure

Choose a Swimsuit That Would Make You Love Your Curvaceous Figure!

 A healthy full-figured body is a gift of Mother Nature. But most women get troubled when they shop for a plus-sized swimwear, because all they want is to look less chubby. If this happens to you, then you had better stop worrying about it because we have got the best collection of plus-sized swimwear that will make you love all your curves!

Whether you are heading towards the beach or you have to attend a pool party, there’s no doubt you will need a swimsuit that fits you perfectly and makes you look attractive and gorgeous. But the thing is that you don’t know where to shop for a plus size swimsuit- here at Sea Jewels we can solve this dilemma.

Plus Size Swimwear Collection

Here at Sea Jewels Swimwear, we have made plus-sized swimwear shopping easier for you. We offer a fabulous collection of swimwear designs. You can sort out the whole collection and of course, all sizes are available in nearly all swimsuits including size 8 through all the way to plus-sized 32. Sea Jewels Swimwear has a collection of stylish swimsuits which you can view to find the one which suits you best.

You can check out our collection of Australian designed comfortable plus-size swimwear. This category includes the ‘Viva’ by Sea Jewels. It is the best in terms of quality, sizing and comfort.

 These stunning swimsuits are stylish as well as made of good quality fabric including chlorine resistant material.

Always choose Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Chlorine is added to the pools due to its ability to kill microbes in the water so that they won’t cause us infection. There is no doubt that an adequate level of chlorine is necessary for the pool water to be safe for swimming.   But this chlorine can destroy the swimwear fabric. The reason why swimwear fabric wears and tears is that it does not have chlorine protection.

Cheap and inexpensive swimwear is made of poor quality fabric, that’s the reason why they lose their shape and outstretch due to repeated exposure of chlorine and sun rays.

You wouldn’t want to deal with this situation as your plus size swimsuit needs to be protected from all kind of damage so that it can keep you covered properly.

Sea Jewel’s Chlorine resistant plus size swimwear does not lose its elasticity even after repeated exposure to chlorine and sun rays.  Additional features of chlorine resistant swimwear are:

ü      Highly stretchable

ü      Soft and breathable

ü      High durability

ü      Quick drying and water repellent

ü      Sun protection of UPF 50+


We at Sea Jewels Swimwear, aim to provide every woman with an opportunity to feel themselves free and comfortable with their swimming outfit so that they can fully enjoy their time under the sun. At the same time they can look gorgeous and attractive.

 Click here to view our fabulous collection of plus size swimwear.



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