Finding Swimwear after a Mastectomy




How to Find Post Mastectomy Swimwear

Finding swimwear post mastectomy can be a difficult and daunting process for women who are recovering from breast cancer treatment. Post mastectomy swimwear has been designed to provide comfort and convenience for women looking to swim again after treatment. This article will detail how to choose swimwear post mastectomy.


Common Design Features

Swimming is a low-impact, highly beneficial form of exercise that should be available to every woman. Here are some features of post mastectomy swimwear design to increase comfortability.


  • Breast pockets work to keep prosthetic breasts in place.
  • Removable soft cups are designed to smooth natural breasts. These can be removed and breast forms can be inserted in their place.
  • Adjustable straps allow you to balance the inserts and keep breasts symmetrical.
  • Swimsuits that fit snugly help to keep your natural breast and the prosthesis firmly in place against the chest.
  • High arm openings, wide straps, and a high neckline hide potential scarring.
  • Choose between more or less coverage depending on your scarring and preference.
  • Tummy control features firm and flatten the belly.


Types of Inserts

Prosthetic breast inserts are a popular choice for women post mastectomy surgery. Inserts are usually inserted into the attached breast pockets on the interior of the swimsuit and they are a few types of inserts available.

  • Silicone prosthesis: These are the most popular swim insert pad for post mastectomy women. Although they can be exposed to pool and seawater without damage, they do absorb water and might enlarge in the water.
  • Foam breast pads: Some women prefer these lightweight non-silicone inserts. They still absorb a small amount of water but don't create the same level of drag that can occur with prostheses that are also worn during the day.


Swimwear Styles

There are various post mastectomy styles to choose from, though one-piece and tankini sets are a popular choice. One-piece swimsuits provide full coverage and support, whereas tankini sets allow for more freedom in size and styles. Most styles feature removable cups, tummy control, and adjustable straps.

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