Finding the Perfect Plus Size Swimwear Online

Online shopping has come a long way in the last 10 years.  Shopping for swimwear used to mean going from store to store and never finding the right size or style.  Plus size swimwear was not always stocked in many stores so walking into a shop and not finding your size was a common problem. 


Swimwear needs to fit well and give you a confidence boost so shopping online can give you more choice.  But how to choose the right plus size swimwear can be tricky.  Here are a few tips to make your shopping experience great.

  • Shop online locally if possible.  Each country of the world has slightly different sizing so it is always a good idea to shop in your own country.  Postage charges are cheaper and sending something back is easier.  
  • Buy chlorine resistant swimwear when possible.  Chlorine resistant fabric is made to withstand the harsh effects of the sun and chlorine so a chlorine resistant swimsuit will last much longer than a traditional nylon/elastane swimsuit.  Look at the label inside the swimsuit - if there is any lycra, elastane or elastic in the fabric it will not be truly chlorine resistant swimwear.  Even if you only swim at the beach, a chlorine resistant swimsuit is a good investment as it withstands fading and will last mych longer than a lycra swimsuit.
  • Look at the return policy of the online store.  Make sure you can return something if it is not the correct size or style for your body shape.
  • Make sure there is a contact phone number.  Talking to someone who knows the right style for you is of benefit and often takes the guesswork out of choosing the right swimsuit, especially plus size swimwear.
  • Choose Australian made swimwear when possible.  With a diminishing number of local manufacturers, this can be tricky but ask the store if the swimwear is Australian made - supporting local business helps the economy.
  • Look at reviews on Google or Facebook - this will give you an idea of how customers rate their shopping experiences.
If you are looking for an Australian company that manufactures swimwear in Perth, then SeaJewels Swimwear is your one stop shop. Stocking a lovely range of long lasting plus size swimwear, you are sure to find the right style for your body shape.  Help is just a phone call or email away so there is always help for you to find the right swimsuit to suit.  





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