Stylish Plus Size Swimwear

No matter what size or shape we are, we all want to look good and feel comfortable in whatever swimwear we are wearing.

Whether we opt for the classic one piece or show a lot more skin in a bikini, all of us want to actually feel comfortable.

It is one thing to be looking great, but comfort is so very important as well. I f you are going to be spending a day out on the water, you will not want to be getting chaffed or choked wearing something far too tight. You need to have good support for your boobs as well as tummy control if you need. But that doesn’t mean squeezing into a sauasage skin that is too small. Oh my gosh girls, remember to suck in and keep that wedgy under control.

Please do not cough for goodness sake, everything could pop, ping and fallout, oh dear then we will need to make an emergency dash to the ladies to put it all back in place.

Do yourself a favour this summer and get into Viva! Viva for real women!

Viva Swimwear by SeaJewels, comes in an extensive collection of styles and sizes, they are the swimwear specialists.

Look & Feel Great In Viva Plus Size Swimwear

It is always so difficult and time consuming traipsing about the stores trying on swimming costumes that never really fit perfectly. Then of course we might find a great bottom on one but the top is not fitting correctly, and as usual you are rarely allowed to break a set.

With Viva Swimwear in plus sizes we get to look great and feel so comfortable.

How easy it is to go online, choose the style that suits your body type and purchase it in the size you need. We do not have to make do with a near enough fit that needs a sarong to hide the spot that doesn’t fit properly…eek!

Viva Swimwear in plus sizes have amazing bathers, all sizes, styles and fabrics.

Now that you know where you can go to get the bathers you have been searching for, head for our online shopping site. You will be amazed at the range.

We also have a super easy returns policy and free shipping on orders over $100.

Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits - Long Lasting and Fade Resistant

Our chlorine resistant swimsuits have been especially designed for different body shapes and swimming requirements for use in chlorinated water.

Swimwear made from this fabric provide the following benefits: 

  • Exceptional wear and durability in chlorinated water
  • Superior fit, freedom of movement and comfort
  • Fast drying time when out of water
  • Deep, vibrant colours that resist fading

So ladies, we can all head to the beach, swimming pool or just laze around the cruise ship’s sun deck in complete confidence and looking fabulous in our gorgeous Viva Swimwear by SeaJewels.


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