Top 5 Essentials for Your Beach Bag

There’s nothing quite like a holiday on the beach. The breeze on your skin, the beautiful water, the serene atmosphere, and the satisfied smiles plastered on everyone’s faces can have you looking forward to beach days like nothing else matters. At Sea Jewels, we certainly want you to enjoy such days to the best of your ability. This is why knowing the top essential items for your beach bag is so important. Imagine not packing something as important as sunscreen and discovering this at the beach. Let’s avoid that shall we by diving straight into this list. Read on and thank us later.

  1. The plus size swimwear you can’t wait to wear 504c78.jpg

Of course, this is THE most important item for a beach vacation. If you leave this behind, you should go back and get it. The plus size swimwear you love is only a few clicks away. Sea Jewels make sure you have a variety of styles, designs, colours, and sizes of chlorine resistant plus size swimwear for your day on the beach or even at a pool. Remember the golden rule is to choose something that makes you feel special, bright, and happy. Don’t be scared to show off your best parts, the swimwear in our collection promises to help you glow.


  1. A cover up that makes you feel sassy

331NavyPrint.jpgYou know, it’s possible that people hardly knew the importance of a beautiful and comfy cover up until recently. The ideal cover up puts a pep in your step. It enhances your comfort and joy. You can also feel bold and stylish with an elegant plus size cover up of your choice.


  1. Sun protection items

These typically include a good beach hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a sun protection rash shirt preferably chlorine resistant. You don’t want to ruin your day with a nasty sunburn. Get a good quality sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and be sure to apply it before or after putting on your plus size swimwear. Fashionable but effective sun protection sunglasses and beach hats are vital too.


  1. Phone protection from water

At the beach, your phone becomes one of your most important devices. You would want to take pictures of your amazing plus size swimwear, your time at the beach and so much more. If you don’t want to take pictures, you would most likely be convinced to do so by friends or loved ones. Keep your phone protected with a waterproof phone case to allow you to enjoy your day out without having to worry.  


  1. A good book

Sometimes you might want to sit on your beach mat looking fabulous in your stylish plus size swimwear while reading a good book. After all, there is no better place to get lost in the pages of a great story than the beach. It’s also literally the true definition of relaxation.

Other important items you need include a beach towel, a cute change of clothes just in case, and a bold lipstick. Flip flops or some sandals with bling are a must have to take you from the beach to a café. With all of these, you are good to go!  


For all your plus size swimwear needs visit or Freecall 1800 008 482 for advice over the phone. 


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