We Need Plus Size Swimwear To Feel Great And Look Our Best When Swimming

Most of us know how hard it is to find swimwear that we can feel comfortable in as well as confident.

It is often very hard to find trendy swimwear in our sizes that are not designed for senior ladies.

These days when we look at magazines and see all those skinny female models wearing their bikini, it can leave us feeling that maybe we won’t go to the beach at all this year.

Usually some of us resort to wearing the big uncomfortable swimwear and coverups.

Well ladies, our curves are testimony to our womanhood….be some of us a little curvier than others……..we are all absolutely gorgeous.

Have you heard about Viva plus size swimwear?

Thank goodness we can now buy gorgeous , trendy plus size swimwear that feel great as well as flatter our curvy figures.

Sea Jewels have a fabulous collection of plus size swimwear that are made in Australia which can be easily purchased online.

Our staff are well trained and experienced in helping you with sizing and style choice.

There is even a money back guarantee if you are not happy when you receive your plus size swimwear order.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you choose Viva plus size swimwear.

It is so easy to get yourself decked out in these gorgeous, clever cozzies that will have you strutting yourself down by the pool or at the beach this season.

Now it is time to take that cruise to the South Pacific you have always wanted to but were afraid to, worrying about swimming in the pool or snorkelling on the reef.

Now we get to look great and feel comfortable wearing flattering swimwear that fits correctly while enhancing our shape.

We offer swimwear for all sizes – from Women’s size 8 up to plus-size 20-32, as well as Men’s
size S up to 6XL.

Thank you Sea Jewels.

Chlorine Resistant Fabrics

Apart from how wonderful we feel in Sea Jewels Swimwear, the premium quality of the materials used to create these amazing swimsuits has to be recognised.

Crafted from chlorine resistant fabric…. our swimwear is hand made from the strongest long lasting fabrics that will stand up to chlorine in public swimming pools.

Our swimwear is hand made from the strongest long lasting fabrics available that will stand up to chlorine in public swimming pools.

Phone Advice Available

We have an easy returns policy should an item not suit when it arrives.

You can also call us on the phone for advice as well.

Free Shipping: We offer free Australia-wide and International shipping on orders over $150
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