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Is Your Chlorine Resistant Swimwear Really Going To Last

Does Chlorine Resistant Swimwear Really Last?

If you are tired of your swimsuit perishing within a few months, then make the change to a SeaJewels chlorine resistant swimsuit.

If you are wondering what exactly chlorine resistant is and why you should incorporate this new age fabric into your swimsuit collection, then this article will clear up any questions or concerns you have about the reliability of chlorine resistant swimwear!




Plus Size Swimwear

Are you planning to be somewhere special this Christmas? Does it involve swimming? Do you need to find a swimsuit that is comfortable to wear?

Have you been looking at swimsuits in the magazines and the latest styles for the summer season?

If you are a little concerned about sizes and feeling comfortable? We all know how hard it is to find swimwear in our sizes that we can feel comfortable in as well as confident. It is often very hard to find trendy clothes in our sizes that are not designed for senior ladies. But worse than that, is the plus size swimwear nightmare!

What does chlorine resistant mean and why should we all own a chlorine resistant swimsuit

Chlorine comes from the Greek word “Khloros” which means green. It was invented in 1774 by a Swedish chemist named Carl Scheele. The salt and other components in sea water are a large source of chlorine. When added to water, a chemical reaction takes place creating hypochlorous acid which instantly kills bacteria and other micro-organisms to act as a water sanitizer.

Stunning Swimsuits In A Plus Size

It’s just about that time of year again. Time to try on our bathers from last year to see if they still fit! Oh dear it is such a drama. Your mirror is telling you that your swimming costume has seen better days.

Trendy, Stylish and Perfect Plus Size Swimwear

For all you girls out there who think that you should only be looking at basic black swimwear this season, well forget it! Just because our friends like to tell us that we look slimmer in the boring basic black swimsuits that nana used to wear, we can now ignore that outdated attitude.

The Easy Way To Shop For Plus Size Swimwear

We need swimwear in our size that we can feel confident and comfortable wearing.

Often it is very hard to find swimsuits in our sizes that are not designed for senior ladies.

In a lot of magazines these days, we see a lot of unrealistic images of people posing around swimming pools and at the beach.

Most of us know that these images are not a true representation of people in general.

The fact is that real women have real curves, some a little more curvier than others.

Our curves are a testimony to our womanhood….be some of us a little curvier than others……..we are all absolutely gorgeous.

Best Gift Ideas for Swimmers this Christmas

A lot of people have a swimmer or many swimmers in their lives. These are loved ones that spend half of their time in the pool or at the beach. If you are looking to give the swimmers in your life a treat this holiday, then jump right into our very thoughtful gift idea list.


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