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Viva Swimwear For Plus Sizes

How often do you buy yourself a new pair of swimmers? Are your togs hidden at the bottom of the draw because you hardly ever wear them? 

So then, it is time to ask yourself why is this so!

Maybe you don’t feel comfortable in your bathers because they are a bad fit? 

Could it be that you feel daggy in them because the style is a bit too out dated?

Whatever the real reason your bathers are not making an appearance out of the draw, lets give them the boot and get out and about in new swimwear that will make you look and feel fabulous! 

Plus Size Swimwear

Are you planning to be somewhere special this Christmas? Does it involve swimming? Do you need to find a swimsuit that is comfortable to wear?

Have you been looking at swimsuits in the magazines and the latest styles for the summer season?

If you are a little concerned about sizes and feeling comfortable? We all know how hard it is to find swimwear in our sizes that we can feel comfortable in as well as confident. It is often very hard to find trendy clothes in our sizes that are not designed for senior ladies. But worse than that, is the plus size swimwear nightmare!

Where Can You Get Plus Size Swimwear

We all know how hard it is to find swimwear that is comfortable and fits properly.

Real women come in many heights, size and shapes.

There is no such thing as “One size Fits All” when it comes to swimming costumes.

Chlorine Resistant Swimwear Trending Now and into 2020

The swimsuit hasn’t been reinvented very much since its inception. While the styles have varied here and there, you usually had a one-size-fits-all one-piece bathing suit and an ill-fitting bikini to choose from. All of them were the same type of fabric and fit the same way. If you needed plus size swimwear in the not so distant past, forget it. You had to hope to find a specialty store that carried your size. Even then, swimsuits never lasted long because the chemicals in pools, where most of us do our swimming, just ate away at the material over time. Thankfully, times have changed! Chlorine-resistant swimwear and plus size swimwear are both trending now and into 2020! Keeping reading on to learn more about these exciting updates.


The Best Plus Size Swimwear

If you’re a curvy girl, like me, you know that finding the right bathing suit or other swimwear can be difficult. Even if you do happen to find your size in a shop, which is rare, it just doesn’t seem to fit right. That’s because the designers just made their original piece larger to accommodate bigger sizes. They were not designed with curvy girls in mind. That’s why we’re making a list of the best plus size swimwear and what you should look for when shopping.



Sea Jewels Swimwear

Plus Size SwimwearSo here we go again girls, looking at swimsuits in the magazines and the latest styles for our summer season in Australia.

We all know how hard it is to find swimwear in our sizes that we can feel comfortable in as well as confident.

It is often very hard to find trendy clothes in our sizes that are not designed for senior ladies. But worse than that, is the plus size swimwear nightmare!

We Need Plus Size Swimwear To Feel Great And Look Our Best When Swimming

Not Enough Time to Shop For Swimwear

If you are time poor with all the hats you need to wear, the mum, the wife, the dog walker, the babysitter and so on, when do you get time to go out and shop for swimwear.

Some of us also have jobs to go to, and yes if we do get a lunch break, it is no way near long enough to have the time to get undressed and squeeze in and out of bathers in one of those tiny change rooms. We all know that buying a new swim suit takes a lot of trying on, loads of frustration and of course the mirrors in the change rooms always make you look better than the mirror at home.

The perfect solution is to shop on line with Viva Plus Size Swimwear by Sea jewels.

Stylish Plus Size Swimwear

No matter what size or shape we are, we all want to look good and feel comfortable in whatever swimwear we are wearing.

Whether we opt for the classic one piece or show a lot more skin in a bikini, all of us want to actually feel comfortable.

Stunning Swimsuits In A Plus Size

It’s just about that time of year again. Time to try on our bathers from last year to see if they still fit! Oh dear it is such a drama. Your mirror is telling you that your swimming costume has seen better days.

Trendy, Stylish and Perfect Plus Size Swimwear

For all you girls out there who think that you should only be looking at basic black swimwear this season, well forget it! Just because our friends like to tell us that we look slimmer in the boring basic black swimsuits that nana used to wear, we can now ignore that outdated attitude.

Australian Designed And Made Plus Size Swimwear

The Easy Way To Shop For Plus Size Swimwear

We need swimwear in our size that we can feel confident and comfortable wearing.

Often it is very hard to find swimsuits in our sizes that are not designed for senior ladies.

In a lot of magazines these days, we see a lot of unrealistic images of people posing around swimming pools and at the beach.

Most of us know that these images are not a true representation of people in general.

The fact is that real women have real curves, some a little more curvier than others.

Our curves are a testimony to our womanhood….be some of us a little curvier than others……..we are all absolutely gorgeous.

60 Is The new 40 In designer Plus Size Swimwear

How true it is girls, now that we can wear fabulous swimwear and coverups thanks to plus size swimwear from Sea Jewels.

We can really let our hair down now that the kids have gone and we get to have time for ourselves.

Yes, let’s go on that South Pacific cruise with our friends, or maybe spend a weekend at a wonderful resort that has the swim up bars.

We might have balked at the idea previously because that would mean we would need to put on our awful old swimming costume and be seen in public with our wobbly bits.

Feeling Confident While Looking Great In Plus Size Swimwear


Come summertime and those of us who need plus size swimwear, start to dread the swimwear saga, just like the year before when we would squeeze into bathers that we thought looked ok, but felt awful to wear.

It really is a drama, trying to find the perfect cozzie to fit correctly and look good as well, and heaven forbid those outdated granny style bathers that are so unattractive.

Finding Time To Shop For Plus Size Swimwear

Enjoy Fun In The Sun With Beautiful Plus Size Swimwear

Summer is nearly here and we will need to bite the bullet and try on our bathers to see how many extra kilos we may have put on during the cooler months and whether or not we need to look at some new plus size swimwear.

The good news is though, if we have over-indulged a little or maybe our bathing costume has shrunk (well maybe) we still have access to the most beautiful, Australian made and comfortable plus size swimwear available.

We all like to look our best when we are wearing swimwear in public.

Finding the Perfect Plus Size Swimwear Online

With so many online stores now selling plus size swimwear, it's hard to choose which online store is the best.  Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect plus size swimsuit for your body shape.

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